Sell Your Old Car in Austin

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The Best Place to Sell a Car or Truck

When it comes to selling your old car, truck, or SUV, in Austin, there are many great reasons to sell to Cedar Park Nissan.

Why Sell Your Car to Cedar Park Nissan

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Sell Your Car Without Any Hassle

We will purchase your car or truck even if you don’t purchase another one from us. So whether you want to sell your car, or if you’d prefer to trade for a new one, Cedar Park Nissan can help.

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Schedule Your Inspection

Bring your vehicle in for a convenient on-site inspection at our Austin area dealership.

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Get Your Check On The Spot

Forget the wait! Once your appraisal is over, we’ll cut you a check. You can even use the payment towards the payment of a new car or truck.

The Benefits of Trading-In to the Dealer vs Selling Privately

Less Time, Less Hassle

Putting your car or truck up for private sale can often be a real hassle. Unless you have a buyer, most likely, you will have to invest some real effort. This can mean classified ads, listing it online, taking unidentified phone calls, and taking strangers out for a test drive. Also, private buyers will be much more concerned that all parts are in good repair. Selling or trading to a dealer avoids these headaches.

Reduced Financing

If you trade-in or sell your used car, we apply the offer to the total price of the car you’re purchasing. This offset means lower payments and a larger down payment.

Tax Savings

When you trade in one car or truck and purchase another, you only pay sales tax on the amount of difference between the trade-in value and the cost of the new one. This means that you get to keep more of your own money in your wallet.

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How to Sell My Car or Truck – Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Dealer Buy My Vehicle If I’m Still Under Financing?

For sure! We will absolutely buy your vehicle even if you are under a financial agreement.

Can the Dealer Give Cash For a Used Car?

Sorry to say, we are unable to award cash for old vehicles. Your payment will be in the form of a check.

What’s My Used Car Worth?

Best way to find out exactly how much your used car is worth is by filling out our Trade-In Form, or to call us today.

Sell Your Old Car in Austin | Cedar Park Nissan