Nissan Titan vs. the Toyota Tundra

2017 Nissan Titan Single Cab SVS2017 Toyota Tundra SR
5.6L V-8ENGINE5.7L V-8
97.7 in.BOX CARGO LENGTH97.6 in.

Who doesn’t love a good showdown between two monster trucks?
The 2017 Nissan Titan Single Cab S and the 2017 Toyota Tundra SR have similar power and standard features, but there are a few crucial differences between the two models.

Underneath the hood of the Nissan Titan is a 5.6l V8 engine that churns out 390 horsepower. Compared to the Toyota Tundra’s 5.7l V8 engine and 381 hp, the Nissan Titan offers more power while using less fuel. For drivers who want to carry a ton of cargo in the truck bed, that extra inch in the cargo box area can make the difference between which vehicle they choose. The box cargo length on the Nissan Titan is 97.7 inches, and the Toyota Tundra is an inch shorter at 97.6 inches.

The Titan also costs less than the Tundra, with a starting price of just $29,580. That’s $820 cheaper than the Toyota Tundra’s $30,400 sticker price, which is a significant amount of savings. So for almost $1,000 less than the Toyota Tundra, Nissan aficionados will get a more robust engine and a longer cabin bed to haul heavier loads.

Sometimes a more colorful alternative can change a prospective customer into a buyer. The luxury of choice has strong appeal, and Nissan aims to please with sixteen different paint options available on the Titan compared to the Tundra’s eleven standard exterior color choices. Some of the hues on the two makes are similar to each other, with variations on classic neutrals like black, white, and silver. However, a few color names on the Toyota Tundra such as “Quicksand” and “Cement” make the earth tones sound less vibrant next to the Nissan’s pearlescent paints.

Bold saturated colors are the Nissan Titan’s aesthetic strength. Exterior colors come to life on the Titan in two-tone and monochromatic options, from Magnetic Black to Cayenne Red and Deep Blue Pearl. The Titan also comes with eight different interior styles, with four available in cloth and four in leather.

Overall, the 2017 Nissan Titan Single Cab S provides more value than the 2017 Toyota Tundra SR. For less money than the Toyota Tundra, Nissan drivers and owners will enjoy greater cargo carrying space, more power and a more fuel-efficient engine. For drivers who seek positive attention on the road, the Titan’s dazzling array of exterior colors is the perfect palette for showcasing personality and taste.